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ADH 180 Litres Chest Freezer – Silver


  • Product Line: Chest freezers
  • Model: ADH
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 696mm x 563mm x 842mm .
  • Weight (kg): 35
  • Color: silver

UGX 905,000 UGX 1,000,000


ADH 180 Litres Chest Freezer – Silver

ADH 180 Litres Chest Freezer is equipped with a convenient mechanical temperature feature with an adjustable thermostat. The eco-friendly refrigerator features an international standard design and operates while emitting a low noise level. Other smart qualities include Quick and Deep Freezing, Defrosting with Water Disposal Device, Over-Temperature Alarm, and integrated LED light. The fridge also boasts of aluminum embossing and castors for easy movement.

Our hectic and modern lifestyle demands a lot of appliances to help us through our daily lives. Appliances can simplify our lives and save a lot time and effort while proving to be useful. Freezer is very useful machine to have in our homes. We need it to store vegetables and other goods to be used on another day.

Introducing ADH Freezer

The ADH 180L Freezer looks ultra-sleek and ultra-modern with its all-white minimalistic design. The freezer has a large capacity of 180 litres so that you stash away your goods safely and securely. You can store various types of meats, vegetables and fruits and not be afraid of your goods losing their nutrients as the freezer keeps them as fresh as possible.

Energy-saving and Low Noise Beast

The ADH 180L Freezer comes with mechanical temperature control with an adjustable thermostat. This feature allows you to set and control the temperature of the freezer. The ADH 180L Freezer consumes low energy making it an energy-saving appliance suitable for your home. The fridge is also a silent beast as it works on low noise


A++ Energy Saving

Cut off Power Function

Fast Freeze

Over-Temperature Alarm Function

Mechanical Temperature Control with Adjustable Thermostat

Power Indicator Function

Water Disposal Device