Terms and Conditions

This Agreement was last modified on 18 February 2016.

Cancellation before delivery

Orders may be canceled and a full payment refund if one has already paid following the following conditions. Before 1-hour time-lapse; After 1hr, the cancellation will only be possible if delivery has been delayed beyond stated delivery time i.e.; 24 hrs for all orders in the central business district and 48hrs for Prime Electronics delivery.

Please note:

  • Prime Electronics Store doesn’t make deliveries past 7 pm.
  • Prime Electronics Store will not cancel your order without your consent.
  • Order cancellation fees/fines. If an order due delivery is canceled, you shall be liable to compensate Prime Electronics Store, an amount equivalent to 10% of the order amount including shipping/delivery fees (where applicable).
  • If an order is returned without delivery by cutting communication with the Prime Electronics Store delivery team, you shall be liable to compensate Prime Electronics Store an amount equivalent to 15% of the order amount.

Payment of cancellation fees/fines

The above cancellation terms apply to all orders irrespective of the payment method or delivery option. In the case of prepaid orders, the cancellation fees will be automatically applied and the rest of the money returned to the customer. In case of cash on delivery orders,   the customer will be given a chance to compensate us within 24hrs otherwise we may follow legal procedures to enforce payment.

Change of mind

If you change your mind and would like to have a different item delivered instead of the one you initially ordered, do reach out and enquire on whether it would still be possible to change the items in your order. Change of mind may not be accepted if the order had already reached a crucial stage such as dispatch unless you are willing to pay an additional change of mind fine/fee (10% of order value)

Returns and Rejection of an order

Any appliances delivered if different from what you ordered can be rejected upon delivery. We will then deliver your preferred item within 24-48hours. Our failure to deliver your desired item within this period qualifies you for a 100% refund of your payment.

Replacements and out of stock

If you have paid for an item but we are unable to deliver it because it’s out of stock, you can have it replaced with another item of your choice. This may require us to refund part of the payment for the previous item if your previous order is cheaper or vice versa. All items delivered with defects or faulty due to transportation can be returned/rejected upon delivery, inspected by your technicians, and replacements redelivered.


If we fail to make a delivery because your preferred item is out of stock, you can request a refund. This may take 24-48 working days depending on your methods of payment. All funds are to be refunded to you via the method of payment you used to make payment for the order.

Prime Electronics reserves the right, at its discretion to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these policies at any time by posting the amended policies. Please check these policies periodically for changes.