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Sayona 98Litres Double Door Fridge

  • Sayona
  • 98Litres Double Door
  • Fridge

UGX 575,000 UGX 680,000


Sayona 98Litres Double Door Fridge

Easy to Clean: The shelves are made from tempered glass meaning they’re easier to clean due to their flat surface. The toughened glass is safe to use in the home and reduces the chances of spillage. The door gasket seals are also simple to clean due to the simple method of removing them.
 Convenient for your:  HomeThis Bar Fridge includes pre-fabricated notches on either side of the door allowing for them to be reversible. The adjustable interior shelves lets you configure your bar fridge to suit your needs. Sayona designed this bar fridge to perform quietly so you can enjoy a peaceful environment.

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