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ADH DC 250 Liter Solar Freezer

  • Size: 250 Litres
  • High Quality
  • Strong & Durable
  • Very Lovely & Economical

UGX 1,690,000 UGX 1,900,000


Buy ADH DC 250 Liter Solar Freezer

To operate solar refrigerators, all that you will need is a single 250-watt panel and a couple of deep-cycle batteries. These solar refrigerators are specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency.

Safe and clean energy source:
Running on just solar power, it is the most reliable and purest form of energy. These refrigerators are mostly of 12 volts, so the chances of accidents related to traditional ways of power are almost null.

Easy installation:
If you have an existing solar system installed at your place, then you can plug it with the current batteries, and your refrigerator is ready to go.