Sayona Electric Hand Mixer

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UGX 90,000 UGX 120,000


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Charm, beauty, and food attract potential suitors like fruit flies to over-ripe bananas. Tempt sweethearts by baking freshly made homemade goodies with a portable baking hand mixer

Featuring detachable beaters and an ergonomic handle, whip up easily endless batches of sinful confectioneries and watch that special someone’s heart soften like butter at room temperature.

That tiresome task of beating eggs, cake batter, and mixing flour is simplified to just a push of a button with the scarlet mixer. As the mixer features a 5-speed selector you could vary the speed from a brisk whip to a slow churn according to your convenience.

Stirring Gear Operation Guide:

  • 7 high-speed mixing fluffy cream, eggs, mashed potatoes, etc
  • 6 Medium speed stirring cream and butter etc
  • 5   Medium speed stirring mixture, butter, etc
  • 3-4 Low-speed mixing sauce, gravy, pudding, etc
  • 1-2 Low-speed stirring liquid, egg white
  • OFF Turn of stirring rod
  • Press down OFF to remove the stirring rod


  • One button operation
  • Eject and speed select functions
  • Chromed beaters
  • Compact and convenient
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Easy to hold with a plastic handler
  • Eject button with safety device
  • Hand mixer with 4 attachments
  • Very durable and practical