Fried Ice Cream Machine -Double Pan

  • Condition:new
  • Pan type:Double round pan
  • Pan size:36*36*6cm
  • Power:1.8kW
  • Voltage:220V
  • Refrigeration type:Quick cooling
  • Cryogen:R22
  • Dimension:1450*600*800mm

UGX 4,200,000 UGX 5,000,000


Fried Ice Cream Machine
I. Fried Ice Cream Machine Introduction. A fried ice cream machine can fry any sugary liquid in an instant. The fried ice cream has strong enjoyment and good taste. Chopped fresh fruits or preserved fruits can be added to have the fried ice cream with better flavor.
Fried Ice Cream Roll Machine Features
1. Low noise, stable working condition, good motor performance.
2. Adopt a powerful compressor, good refrigeration effect, fast icing speed.
3. Adopt superior condenser and copper pipe, ensure the service life of the machine.
4. The lowest temperature can reach -36 degrees.
5. Defrost function is available in every machine.
6. Various model for your choice, customization is available.
7. Each machine is equipped with 4 universal steering wheels, convenient to move.
Fried Ice Cream Machine Application. VISIT crown japan katwe for more details