Commercial Meat Bone Cutting Machine

Bone sawing machine

  • Motor power: 1500 W
  • Input voltage: 220V
  • Machine table size: 375*480mm
  • Foot to worktable size: 300mm
  • Worktable to top of machine: 600mm
  • Sawing height: 280mm
  • Sawing width: 180mm

UGX 3,600,000 UGX 5,000,000


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Bone Saw Machine is a highly professional, robust machine. It consists strong, stable working table with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, without dirt traps. It is widely demanded in restaurants, hotels, and residential kitchens for cutting or crushing a cardinal part of the meat. It also comprises a detachable stainless steel waste-collecting pan for your ease.

Commercial Bone Cutting Machine
This bone saw machine is specially designed for cutting freezing meat and bones into smaller pieces, robust, reliable, safe, and easy to clean up. It is ideal for processing any meat, whether it is fresh or frozen. Our bone saw machine complies with international hygiene standards, widely used in butcher’s shops, guesthouses, hotels, food processing factories, and slaughterhouses.

NOTE: Saw blades may get loosen during transportation. Thus, after receiving the goods, you need to tighten the knob to prevent it from slipping off when use.

Large Area Workbench.
The stainless steel workbench is 19.3″x17.3″ in size, providing ample stacking space. The precise scales (4-180 mm) are adopted for easy adjustment of cutting thickness.

Reliable Buttons with Protection
The bone-cutting machine comes with an emergency shutoff button and built-in protection sensors. The device will automatically stop working when the upper or lower covers are opened.

Heavy-Duty Material
The meat cutting saw machine is built with premium cast aluminum and stainless steel, endurable in use and conformity with national food hygiene standards.

Powerful Copper Motor
The motor stored in a separate compartment makes cleaning easier. The pure-copper coil ensures the motor run efficiently and stably, providing a high rotation speed of 19 m/s.

Excellent Saw Blades
The high-quality saw blade is powered by a direct gear drive transmission that offers a 19m/s speed to easily cut through bones. The saw blade tension system can adjust the blade to its best mode.

Meat Pushing Slab
The widened push board is equipped with 2 side blades to make cutting safer and easier and effectively keep your hands away from sharp blades. The handle design is more convenient to apply force.