ADH show case ice cream freezer 320 litres


  • Brand: ADH
  • Capacity: 320 Liters
  • Easy-to-clean interior
  • Fast Freezing Function
  • High-Efficiency Compressor
  • color:-Blue

UGX 1,490,000 UGX 1,700,000


ADH Show Case Display Freezer  SD 320 Litres

This ADH Show Case Display Freezer  SD 320 Litres designed especially for the purpose of giving the customer a very clear view of the entire product that is displayed. These freezers come with wide paned glass which makes it possible to have a clear and unobstructed view of the products.

Customers can easily choose the flavor they want. Having a nice display unit gives an advantage over all the other shops which in result increases the customer influx of the shop. Displaying your beautiful ice cream variety is essential to increasing your customers and flourishing the ice cream business