Popcorn Business In Uganda

Why Start A Popcorn Business In Uganda?

Are you interested in starting up a popcorn business in Uganda? Want to know all about the Tips to start a popcorn business in Uganda, read this carefully. Popcorn business is a great idea for a small-scale business or a side hustle from which one can make a good profit, this business involves producing and selling popcorn.

One can start up this business with a very little amount and make it big with a well-planned and effective marketing strategy. The tradition of eating popcorn while watching movies seems to be here to stay. Popcorn is eaten by people of all ages and classes, even though many assume it is only consumed by children alone.

It is eaten by adults and children, both the old and the young, and this has created a diverse target market for the popcorn business.

Reasons why one should start a popcorn business in Uganda

  • It is a snack that is eaten by almost all age groups for many different reasons.
  • The popcorn business does not involve a lot of capital for a start-up
  • There is an already existing market for this business as people are already aware of this product.
  • Popcorn making can be done on a small-scale area or a large-scale setting
  • The basic raw material which is corn is easy to find and locate in farmers and any other market.
  • Popcorn can be sold anywhere and at any time of the day.

You can buy an imported popcorn-making machine on all online shopping websites like Prime Electronics Store and Goodprice.ug this will cost you around Uganda shillings 785,000 for a new machine. Old machines can be bought in kate on Entebbe road.