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Dough Mixers in uganda is an electrical tools used in bakeries to stir dough ingredients together.  It produces an even dough consistency within a short time as compared to using hands.  Let us have a look at dough mixer prices in Uganda.

Types of dough mixers in Uganda

There are three types of mixers commonly used in commercial baking settings. The type of mixer that your bakery needs will depend on the volume of dough you produce, the type of products you bake, and the size of your work area. Take a look at the three types of mixers below and choose the one that is best for your setting. the type of dough mixer is one of the influencers of dough mixer prices in Uganda.

  • The horizontal mixer

The horizontal mixer has the capability of producing the largest volume of dough that is being mixed in the shortest amount of time.

It is configured in such a way that, as the dough is mixed; the next batch is continually fed into the machine. The dough also easily exits the machine into a trough for convenient transport after the mixing process is complete.

One of the disadvantages of the horizontal mixer is its inability to keep the dough temperature low. This is due to the friction of the dough as it rubs against the sides of the bin.

  • The spiral mixer

Spiral mixers can be used in several settings due to their flexibility. It is more efficient than a horizontal mixer because it mixes dough completely with little friction in a rotating bowl.

This option comes in a range of sizes to fit many different target dough outputs. It uses less electrical power than a horizontal unit, delivering on the energy-efficiency front.

  • The planetary mixer

Planetary mixers are widely used in home kitchens rather than commercial ones. Its central mixing wand rotates around a stationary bowl. You can change the wand attachment as needed to accommodate your mixing goals.

You can use this type of machine to mix a range of substances too, not just dough. The bowl is easily detached and moved quickly, once mixing is complete.

These upright machines are typically smaller, so if you have limited space, the planetary mixer might be the best option for you. Its disadvantage is that the level of mixing between the top and bottom of the bowl may not be uniform.

Prices of dough mixers in Uganda and where to buy them

The price of a dough mixture is dependent on its size, make, efficiency, and how much dough it can mix in a go.

You can buy dough mixers from any of the big supermarkets like Carrefour, Mega standard, Quality supermarkets, and capital shopper’s supermarkets.

You can also buy your dough mixes through online shopping sites like Prime Electronics store, goodprice, Jumia Uganda, Crown Japan Katwe, and ADH Dealer. The advantage of using online shopping is that you can buy the product directly from the manufacturer, removing the need for middlemen


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