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Dough Mixer: Assess your mixing needs before making a purchase. What exactly are you trying to achieve? Is speed your most important attribute? Is volume your main goal?  Ask yourself the questions below; note; the unique features of your mixer choice greatly influence dough mixer prices in Uganda

What is Dough Mixer?

A Dough mixer is an electrical tool used in bakeries to stir dough ingredients together.  It produces an even dough consistency within a short time as compared to using hands.  Let us have a look at dough mixer prices in Uganda

Choose The Right Dough Mixer In Uganda

1.) What dough will you be mixing?

Different types of dough and batter have different consistencies, and as a result, not every mixer is right for every job.  A batch of thick and stiff dough is going to require more power than one for whipping eggs.

2.) What type of usage do you expect from your mixer?

most mixers on the market are designed to handle the rigors of commercial use, but some are better equipped for certain types of mixing than others; be sure to check the manufacturer’s literature on the product pages for more information. There are therefore 2 types of commercial mixers;

  1. Standard duty

Standard duty mixers are ideal for a catering business, restaurant, or cafe that makes batter and dough in-house. These mixers are good for egg whites, whipped cream, cake batter, and occasional batches of pizza dough on low speed.

  1. Heavy duty

Heavy-duty is a reliable and durable option for high-volume bakeries, pizzerias, and central kitchens that make batter and dough in-house. These mixers are great for preparing a variety of foods, including cake batter, mashed potatoes, pastry or pie dough, bread dough, and pizza dough.

Prices of dough mixtures in Uganda and where to buy them

The price of a dough mixture is dependent on its size, make, efficiency, and how much dough it can mix in a go. You can buy dough mixers from any of the big supermarkets and online shops like Prime Electronics Uganda, ADH Dealers, Crown Japan Katwe, ADH Uganda, etc

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