Electric Meat Slicers.

Electric Meat Slicers.

Meat slicers are the best in the industry. Built from anodized aluminum with hardened steel blades and stone sharpeners. Our slicers are capable of precise and paper-thin cuts. These meat slicers are ideal for home or light professional usage for Italian cured meats, bread, and cheese

Our semi-automatic meat slicers will take the leg work out of cutting your finest cold cuts, salami, prosciutto, hams, and so much more. We understand that many of our customers are looking for extra fine cuts, especially for traditional European cured ham. Our slicers offer the precision blade adjustment wheel designed to go from paper-thin to 1/2″ width so there’s no waste and perfect taste! These semi-automatic slicers are belt-driven and have powerful motors to handle any task. Perfect for a lunch sandwich or preparing a feast for a large family gathering!

Heavy anodized construction combined with hardened stainless steel cutting blades makes our line of professional semi-automatic slicers the #1 home and business slicers on the market. Smooth ball bearing carriage for clean cuts plus built-in stone sharpener, hand safety guard, commercial quality black handgrips, and rubber feet, for firm mounting.

Your cutting blade can be removed for easy cleaning, it is recommended to make sure your belt drive is securely fastened in place. Each model offers a replacement belt drive included with each purchase and a replacement sharpening stone.

Sharpening your blade is quick and simple – Our hardened stainless-Steel blades are designed to stay sharp, so we only recommend sharpening once or twice per year. It is important to follow the sharpening instructions included with your parcel, which will indicate the proper sharpening method.

Slice your favorite bulk meats into perfect deli slices using the compact Weston Meat Slicer with a 9-blade. The adjustable thickness settings make it easy to slice from deli thin to over 1/2 inch thick. Use the food pusher with gripping teeth for controlled slicing. It has a smooth gliding carriage that helps make slicing easy, and a sturdy base with suction cup feet to make the slicer stable during operation.

Features of Electric Meat Slicers.

  • Adjustable thickness from deli thin (for shaved cold cuts) to over ½ inch thick (for steaks and chops)
  • Removable 8 5/8″ stainless steel blade
  • Suction cups for stability
  • Belt-driven motor
  • Corrosion-resistant coated steel and anodized aluminum body
  • Tilt-out tray for cleaning

 Blade Removal and Cleaning Steps:

Step 1 – On the back of the unit spin the black knob located at the back of the slicer behind the blade. This will detach the center blade cover. Remove this cover.

Step 2 – You will see three screws, remove these screws then carefully remove the blade (be very careful not to touch the sharp edges) You might want to use a knife to help slowly edge out the blade.

Step 3 – Once the blade is off you then have access to the full cutting area, guard, and all components around the blade.

Step 4 – Clean the surrounding areas while the blade is off, once clean affix the blade carefully applying the steps above in reverse.

Much more than meets the eye

  • Premium professional heavy-duty 12″ blade meat slicer. Best in class highest quality meat slicers in Canada
  • Designed for paper-thin cuts and up to 1/2″ thick for Italian cured meats like prosciutto, capicola and much more. If you are looking to cut bacon this model can cut approximately 8.5″ long slices.
  • Powerful .56 HP belt-driven motor
  • Built-in stone blade sharpener and hardened stainless steel deli-style blade. Includes 1 extra drive belt free of charge
  • 2 Year Warranty